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Gallery Sehnsucht – Rotterdam

International photo exhibition – Spring 2018

“Photography is an art of teleporting the past into the future” – Mehmet Murat Ildan (Turkish writer).

For photographers, time is animportant concept. A photograph is a moment frozen in time, but its meaning changes in the future and the photo itself becomes part of the past. Photography is two hundred years old now. During these centuries, the looks of the photographs have changed. When we see a photograph, we instinctly place it into some point in time. Brown, black and whiteare old, colour photographs are new. Sometimes we are right, sometimes wrong.We asked photographers if they could use their camera as timemachine. If they could give us a feeling of displacement in time, simply by showing us their photographic work. Are photographers able to surprise us byusing old techniques capturing modern day subjects, or, on the contrary, using modern techniques but in a strange, timeless, old fashioned manner? Can they combine old and new, making the future? This exhibition will be about time – past, present and future. The exposition shows our selection from the works. Guest curator was Jeroen de Wijs. He is a dedicated collodionphotographer, and instructor at the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam.

Nu in Sehnsucht Gallery

Met Elisabeths werk ‘Concerthall’ hangt zij vanaf
14 februaConcerthallri t/m 24 maart 2018 in Sehnsucht Gallery te Rotterdam. Deze foto maakt onderdeel uit van de Expositie Time Machine. Een internationale verkooptentoonstelling van 26 fotografen.
Elisabeth heeft met haar foto het heden naar het verleden getransferred.
Foto is gemaakt met Mamiya 625.

Curator Jeroen de Wijs.
opening hours wed. – sat. 11.00 – 17.00 hrs.

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